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ZiiK Colloquium

The purpose of the ZiiK Colloquium is to establish a research platform where everyone associated with the ZiiK can present their work in order to receive feedback, exchange new ideas and gain insights, and especially in order to push ahead with the discussion revolving around international and intercultural aspects in the field of Information Technology.

The colloquium meetings will take place biweekly, and be announced here on the ZiiK website.

Previous Talks

10.02.2017 Hamid R. Mohmand  "Introduction to CMMI and Preparing the Foundations for a Case Study"

23.9.2016 Akmal Yaqini "Artificial Intelligence Based Fault Detection in Wireless Mesh Networks"

16.9.2017 Freshta Popalyar "A Trust Model for Supporting Intrusion Detection in Wireless Mesh Networks"

15.7.2016 Abdul Rahman Sherzad "Afghanistan Kankor: Analysis of a Butterfly Effect from a Descriptive and Predictive Analytics Perspective"

15.4.2016 Akmal Yaqini "An Intelligent Fault-tolerance Mechanism for Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks"

8.4.2016 Hamid Mohmand "Status of Microsoft Windows Operating System from a Security Perspective in Afghanistan"

1.4.2016 Freshta Popalyar "Trust-Based Cooperative Concept for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Mesh Networks"

3.3.2016 Abdul Rahman Sherzad "A Walk through Modern Education System of Afghanistan since 1875: Challenges and Improvements"

15.10.2015 Marvin Byfield  "Current Topics in Cyber Warfare and Developing Countries"

1.10.2015 Marius Mailänder "Concepts of culture and the mediation of intercultural competence"

3.9.2015 Hamid Mohmand  "Demand Oriented Didactic: A Key to a Better IT Education in Afghanistan"

18.6.2015 Chi-Thanh Christopher Nguyen "Secure Delegation of Computation"

21.5.2015 Abdul Rahman Sherzad "Educational Data Mining, and its Impacts on the Educational System"

23.04.15  Freshta Popalyar: "A Framework for Enhancing Security in Wireless Mesh Networks"

09.04.15 Andrea Hillenbrand: "An Introduction to Scientific Working"
                 Akmal Yaqini: "An approach for managing faults in wireless communication"

26.03.15 Abdul Rahman Sherzad: "Afghan Alumni Platform"


If you are yourself interested in giving a talk in our colloquium series, please contact .


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